LinkedIn ProFinder Small Business Contest

Radiant Tech Repair is the business brainchild of a Buddhist monk and a retired rock star.

You know, just like any other Portland small business.

Adam Brazie and Brant Stokes served as IT repair experts at Staples for several years. Both got their start in help desk services because they love helping others and solving problems (in that order).

When the entrepreneurial bug bit them both, they decided to set up shop in Portland’s vibrant Hollywood District. This location makes it easy for members of the community to walk right in and get answers to their tech repair questions.

As 2016 nears its end, marking 24 months since Radiant Tech Repair opened their doors, the business has experienced growth in every quarter. Walk-in business and by-appointment visits in particular have increased, as more and more referrals roll in.

A typical day features Brant opening the shop, as Adam handles on-site calls to client homes and offices until he takes over for the closing shift. They recently made their first hire, a marketing manager, and their goal in Year 3 is to bring on two more trusted tech repair professionals to provide support to their growing client list.

The use of LinkedIn’s ProFinder will allow Brant and Adam to increase their visibility to Portland residents in need of desktop and laptop repair, cell phone repair, tablet repair and more. ProFinder will also help Radiant Tech Repair locate legal, accounting and insurance services as they grow.

The vision of Radiant Tech Repair is to remain true to their customers. Several years of working for a big-box IT store taught Brant and Adam that sometimes, a customer just becomes a support ticket number and can get lost in the shuffle.

They vow to never let a customer become a lost number. Personal relationships are formed to ensure a friendly, productive experience whether a customer is visiting for the first or the hundredth time.